Pox Canadiana diminishing

We can learn much from our northern neighbors – when it’s allowed to be made public.

The pace of social experimentation, political correctness and the implementation of left-wing values in Canada have actually outstripped California for 2 decades or more.

When someone runs experiments in taxation, liberty and public safety involving 30 million people we should pay attention, because the cost is high and the lessons are often lost. For example, Stalin ran an experiment where 30 million people died and some of us learned nothing from that.

Canada’s latest “teachable moment” is not nearly so heinous, but it is worthy of attention.

Here’s a preview of what the Hundred Mom Marchers and the Brady Bunch of anti-2nd Amendment types would like to do with your money, your right to self defense and your privacy.

There’s also insight into the left’s consistent tendency to reward failure. In this case it is spelled “Maryantonett Flumian.” The eponymy is subtle, but marvelous. Considering the care she took with the public purse, what comes to mind is a hybrid of “Let them eat cake!” and the decadence of the late Roman Empire. “Cake and circuses!”, should have been the Grit campaign slogan. The subtitle would have been, “Mind you, no beer and popcorn.”

A Billion or maybe 2 Billion dollars have been utterly wasted. How many police could have been put on the street between 1995 and 2002 for a Billion dollars? How many more could have been hired since 2002 for (likely) another Billion? How much shorter might medical care waiting lists be if the money had not been spent on removing firearms from the hands of honest citizens? How many fewer people might have died prematurely if not for the Liberal conceit that calling the 2nd-Amendment names could be a campaign slogan?

The Grits hid this enormous waste because, like Liberal programs in all countries, it is only the intent that counts. Otherwise, why is failure to have even remotely reasonable results always so well rewarded?

People mustn’t know the reality of consistent failure. If they did, most would not put up with it. Violent gun crime is up in Canada, not despite Liberals “best intent” and 2 Billion wasted taxpayer dollars, but because of it.

Dudley Dooright would have known better in his heart, as does Prime Minister Harper in his heart and his head.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to use the auditor general’s report as a reason to begin dismantling the disputed program, which is opposed by many of the party’s core supporters, particularly in Western Canada.

We can only hope the sense of these core supporters, in those boondocks so far, far away from “Toronto the Good”, prevails.

H/Y Nealenews