Moussaoui gets life, the terrorists win

Mark Steyn:

Moussaoui gets life, the terrorists win

“America, you lose,” said Zacarias Moussaoui as he was led away from the court last week.

Hard to disagree. Not just because he’ll be living a long life at taxpayers’ expense. He’d have had a good stretch of that even if he’d been “sentenced to death,” which in America means you now spend more years sitting on Death Row exhausting your appeals than the average “life” sentence in Europe. America “lost” for a more basic reason: turning a war into a court case and upgrading the enemy to a defendant ensures you pretty much lose however it turns out. And the notion, peddled by some sappy member of the ghastly 9/11 Commission on one of the cable yakfests last week, that jihadists around the world are marveling at the fairness of the U.S. justice system, is preposterous. The leisurely legal process Moussaoui enjoyed lasted longer than America’s participation in the Second World War. Around the world, everybody’s enjoying a grand old laugh at the U.S. justice system.

…Try to imagine the bereaved in the London blitz demanding that the Germans responsible be brought before a British court.

Agreeing to fight the jihad with subpoenas is, in effect, a declaration that you’re willing to plea bargain. Instead of a Churchillian “we will never surrender!”, it’s more of a “Well, the judge has thrown out the mass murder charges, but the DA says we can still nail him on mail fraud.”

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