Islamochauvinist pigs

Calling them that (the swine reference) might earn you an individual fatwa, but it would definitely be speaking truth to womens’ worst nightmare.
Where are Betty, Gloria, Naomi, Patricia, Della and Kim when you need them? Granted, Betty’s dead and we do know where Della’s head is.

Atlas Shrugs has an interesting picture of the face of a “kinder, gentler” Islamic Republic’s repression of women.

From Betty we expect silence. We’ve already heard from Della. And since no one else is speaking truth to anything, she seems to have established feminist policy regarding having acid thrown in your face because someone doesn’t like your makeup. To wit: “If your face isn’t white, I am not qualified to comment.”

I think there is an opportunity for some feminist leaders to come up with an alternative to Mary Kay and Avon. For a working title let’s call it the Jane Fonda line of acid-resistant makeup.

Update: 6:02PM, 7-May-2006
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Part of me died when I saw this cruel killing

Here is a frontier against which American feminists may test their conviction and their courage. Thus far they are failing miserably.

Update: 6:21PM, 7-May-2006

Protein Wisdom

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