Further thoughts on Moussaui

Maggies Farm

Moussaui dared you to kill him. He and his kind will understand only that we didn’t have the nerve to do it. He’ll be perfectly happy in his solitary jail, offering his life up as a kind of prayer, just as he offered it up before, praying all day, every day, for the deaths of those that spared him.

The G. K. Chesterton quote (you’ll have to read the link) made me think about what, for a Zacarias Moussaui, is punishment.

His sentence is not about rehabilitation, the most bleeding heart Liberals have not argued that Moussaui can be made a productive member of society – even French society. A sentence of life without parole is intended purely as punishment and/or deterence, but whatever what we did to him within our normal parameters would make him a martyr.

In the case of Muslim terrorists of this caliber, for punishment and for deterence, I vote for death by drowning. In pig offal. That would be unusual, certainly. We can debate cruel.

Protein Wisdom

This [verdict] is not the signature of moral sophistication. It is the signature of moral sophistry—and it is a product of the victim culture that has taken over this country. How the victim culture relates to identity politics, whose failings I have catalogued here on numerous occasions, I’ll leave it to you to puzzle out.

Hint. Start by explaining how we came to establish affirmative action as part of the “rule of law”, despite its obvious contradictions with the Constitutional objective of considering the content of character instead of the color of skin.

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