Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Here is a female human who is actually concerned about other human females.

This is what American feminism aspired to be for about 15 minutes in 1975, and has since found to be too much trouble, even vicariously. Ayaan Hirsi Ali‘s courage is not an inspiration for the National Organization for Women. It isn’t even acknowledged.

Here is what you can find on NOW’s site if you search for Hirsi Ali:

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“Pelosi” returns 141 hits. “Margaret Sanger” returns 3.

Suggestion to NOW: try to be less pathetic.

The success of American feminism can be measured by the causes with which they attempt to motivate women. You can make your own list. I’ll give you a start.

1- The Augusta National Golf Club’s failure to admit women members.
2- Nancy Hopkins getting the vapors over remarks by Larry Summers.

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