Anybody remember William Stephenson?

I read the same article at Nealenews and planned a post.

Strong World beat me to it:

This news item from today’s Province is meant to be reassuring…

“Canada’s electronic spy agency says citizens need not worry their phone calls are secretly being tracked by the government — a reality Americans woke up to on Thursday.”

To which I ask, why not?

Is not the threat of terrorism just as great here in Canada as it is in the US? In recent weeks we’ve had indications that Islamic extremists are operating in Canada and that Canada is a potential target.

I don’t find it reassuring to learn that our government is not doing everything in its power to protect us from a terrorist attack.

I do have another question. Can

A spokesman for Canada’s Communications Security Establishment, a cryptologic agency embedded in the Department of National Defence which works closely with the NSA, insisted no such program exists here.

…be trusted on the matter?

I hope not. And I hope there are fewer leakers at CSIS/DND than at the CIA and NSA.

1 thought on “Anybody remember William Stephenson?”

  1. That’s funny,Because I knew people who were working for cabinet ministers in the early 90’s who always told me that you don’t have a private conversation on cell phones in Ottawa because they were monitored. I have less faith in the Canadian government protecting civil liberties than down in the U.S.