Taxes due today

IRS Commercial

1-[Long view of fortress-like, soot-streaked concrete building (think a Batman movie set in Pittsburgh). Zooming in, we see large gold letters cut into the facade:

Internal Revenue Service

which are being lovingly burnished by a person who just might be an illegal immigrant.]

2-[Pan and continue zoom to entrance – massive (10 feet by 12 feet) double doors of iron reinforced oak. Dissolve to building interior where an IRS seal floats, holographically insistent, visible from all angles, but flickering like a neon sign just beginning to fail (think Max Headroom): “Our motto: Service plus enforcement equals compliance.”]

3-[Zooming out, we see dozens of burly men dressed in black carrying battle-axes and large leather sacks (cf. Hagar the Horrible) roughly shoving ordinary men and women hither and yon through a vast echoing space that is a collage of gleaming dark granite and pristine brass – lit by gas lamps, lending a flickering sense of Dante.]

4-[Scroll text plus voiceover.]

Half of the taxes in the United States are paid by 5% of income earners.

Two-thirds of the taxes in the United States are paid by the top 10% of earners.

Almost all the taxes, ninety-six percent, are extracted from the earnings of the top 50%.

—-Note to casting, can we get Tom Daschle for the voice? He’s not doing anything.

5-[Dissolve to plush office with painfully bright lighting, where an audit is obviously just completing. Shaken taxpayer is helped to his feet by one of the burly men and ushered out a side door clutching a raft of papers of all sizes to his chest. He drops a few in his confusion and despair.]

6-[Pan and zoom to office occupant – a florid, overweight, white-haired man with a heavy Massachusetts accent and a decided air of dissipation. He speaks, accompanied by a small lear showing a hint of yellowed teeth:]

What’s in your wallet?