Shut Up

While the blogosphere is heaving a sigh of relief that bloggers will be treated the same way as the “exempt media,” the McCain-Feingold assault on the First Amendment continues.

Please check this post at The Club for Growth.

…The House and Senate are offering unprecedented proposals (HR 4975 and S 1053) that would ban any ads placed anywhere at any time in any kind of medium by a 527 group unless sponsored by a highly-regulated PAC. If passed, money currently donated to 527s will instead flow to other nonprofit groups and business associations where less disclosure requirements will allow it to be hidden from the public disclosure currently mandated for 527 groups.

Bi-partisan support demonstrates that incumbents of any stripe do not wish to be incumbered by the Constitution. This issue is non-partisan, it stifles the speech rights of MoveOn and the NRA; NARAL and NRLC.

Oh, and for those bloggers celebrating being treated as exempt media – what makes you think the exempt media’s status is sacrosanct? As long as McCain-Feingold lives, this is just a consolidation of targets.