A Clockwork Pig-Fruit

Apologies to Anthony Burgess, but nothing even rhymes with “Orange.”

The Washington Times notes here that our Federal government is certainly as stupid as we think it. Among other idiocies of last year’s pork laden energy bill, we are getting a revision of Daylight Saving Time, starting in 2007.

The Other Club noted this stupidity in April 2005.

Unfortunately, I do not live in the Congressional District where I can vote against Rep. Fred Upton (R-Michigan, a co-sponsor of the amendment) on the obvious basis that he is stupid – nor much less because taking him at his word would require one to vote Green.

That is, you have to ignore logic and exalt in “feeling good” about some worse than useless environmental boondoggle.

This is as good a context appropriate description of Congresscritters and their environs as you are likely to come across:

“The sunny slow lulling afternoon yawns and moons through the dozy town…Pigs grunt in a wet wallow-bath, and smile as they snort and dream. They dream of the acorned swill of the world, the rooting for pig-fruit…”

-Dylan Thomas
Under Milk Wood