++ relapsed catholic ++ religion politics entertainment blog has the best two posts on the rescue today of 3 Christian Peacemakers in Iraq by the coalition military.

The Christian Peacemakers are not the ethereal beings they pretend to be, otherwise their praise of their enemies who were their rescuers would at least equal their praise of their enemies who kidnapped them – and intended to kill them – those same enemies who had already killed one of them.

Ungrateful, anti-military remarks to follow, no doubt

If these three had been true to their principles, they would have refused to accompany their “evil” military rescuers. So much for pacifism.

Christian Peacemakers and moral exhibitionism

One of the snarky lapel pins I used to wear read JESUS IS GREAT! IT’S THE PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR HIM WHO ARE ASSHOLES.

I recommend reading both posts in their entirety.

The moral relativism displayed here indicates a disdain for human life. Worse, it indicates disdain for their own lives – the only non-supernatural excuse for defending their existence. Why bother to rescue them?

Others risked their lives to rescue these “Christian” “Peacemakers”, and they can’t even summon a tiny gratitude. Despicable. It tells you that they value their polemics above your life, too.