Stealth weapon

What Jyllands-Posten did by publishing caricatures of Muhammed was not simply to encourage a few Danish Imams to brew up fraudulent protests in co-operation with dictatorships like Syria. Jyllands-Posten did us a greater favor, they blew the cover of the would-be Islamofascist hegemony.

Nobody complained when the assassination of Salman Rushdie was fatwa-ed. Nobody protested when the Taliban destroyed fifteen-hundred year old statues of Buddha with artillery fire. And now, because of some ‘toons, they’re coming for you. And your daughters.

While the U.S. PNB (parochial narcissist buffoons), (TM) Mark Steyn, press refuse to publish this anti-Islamofascist manifesto by leading Muslim intellectuals, life goes on for the Danish cartoonists. Life in hiding. Life worrying about the safety of their children. And still, almost no American media have deigned to publish “the cartoons.”

It has become necessary to publish them, not because they are innocuous and Americans should know that, and not even because they might sell papers. No, now they should be published because some people keep insisting they’re going to kill us all because of them.
Here’s the point: We don’t care if you don’t like it, and if you’re going to threaten those Danes we’re all going to fight back.

Hell, given the self-inflicted cartoon-jihad-protest mortality rate it’s a great tactic to publish even more cartoons. It precisely targets the foaming-at-the-mouth zealots and it involves no Western troops.

It’s as stealthy a weapon as we’re likely to find, and it has zero collateral damage.