Our condolences, Canada.

Statement by the Prime Minister on the passing of Private Robert Costall

March 29, 2006
Ottawa, Ontario

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement on the passing of Private Robert Costall:

“It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of Private Robert Costall, killed in a firefight in Afghanistan.

“Private Costall died while participating in our mission to bring democracy and stability to the war torn country of Afghanistan. His sacrifice, for which we are deeply grateful, will be remembered.

“On behalf of the people of Canada and our government, I extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends, and co-workers of Private Costall. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

“Our UN-mandated mission in Afghanistan is not without risk and we are so very proud of our brave men and women who daily face these dangers while carrying out their duties. They represent the best of our country and I am proud to honour them.”

My condolences to Private Costall’s family and my gratitude for the courage of a fallen ally. My thanks to Prime Minister Harper for his steadfastness.

2 thoughts on “Our condolences, Canada.”

  1. Sir;As a Canadian I wish simply to say that we have no frigging business in Afhganistan. Stephen Harper is a stinking egg sucking bush kissing coward. I invited him to speak to the warlords personally since he was there and tell them what the canadian mission was in Afghaners. But like I said he is a yellow bum, sculked around in mess tents in Kahndahar and then skiddadled with his tail between his gaping ass that is the favourite refuge of any american who says drop em.

  2. Mr. Klein,Thank you for your insights.It is suddenly obvious why you are unlikely to win renomination as Alberta’s Conservative leader.That said, the grammar, spelling, refinement, relevance and rhetorical quality of your comment stand as their own example.The Other Club does not aspire to being a family site, but it does prefer intellect over scatological meandering. Here’s hoping we may expect that from you in the future.