You should know that

The cartoons currently roiling the Islamofascist world were originally published several months ago.

Muslim outrage was stoked by faked cartoons added by a small number of Danish Muslim leaders. The added cartoons were far more offensive than anything the Jyllands-Posten published.

…a small delegation of Muslim religious leaders who reside in Denmark have been on a tour of various Muslim states in order to bring attention to this fairly straightforward case. Unfortunately they did not stop at the facts.

Disinformation was fabricated in order to characterize the Danish population and government as fiercely anti-Muslim. Several new drawings were added likening Muhammed to a pig, as well as statements to the effect that Danish citizens were under the impression that the Prophet was a violent pedophile.

The planning for the spontaneous outrage seems to answer the question, raised by Mark Steyn among others, of where the Danish flags being burned came from. They were delivered.

It is also useful to know that the prohibition against depicting Mohammed is not the hard and fast rule the radical Muslims would have you believe it is. Muslims have been doing it for centuries.