The future of cartooning

Gevoelig” means “Sensitive.” Hats off to Joep Bertrams, a man of both conviction and courage.

I started the day yesterday with news from the AP via the Lansing State Journal, that Islamic fundamentalist boycotts of products from Denmark are costing millions.

I was depressed. However, later I found out (H/T Atlas Shrugs) that:

Jyllands-Posten says that the growth in 2006 in Danish exports to two countries alone is larger than our total export to the entire Muslim world. The two countries are Germany and USA, and the estimates are even made without considering the Buy Danish-campaigns, that are unfolding in these two countries. If they have an effect, it’ll be an extra bonus.

Let’s make this happen. If you can’t find Danish products in your local stores, start asking for them.