Next cartoon war boycott target. (No, it’s not WalMart.)

Dust My Broom is on a roll!

Be sure to check out the links in Darcey’s post. It turns out that the Danish cartoons were published in an Egyptian newspaper in October 2005: Mid-Ramadan.

I’ll be checking Freedom for Eqyptians and Rantings of a Sandmonkey out further.

So. When’s the boycott of Egypt start?

2 thoughts on “Next cartoon war boycott target. (No, it’s not WalMart.)”

  1. This banner really got me thinking. I do think that it was a little obvious that the publication of that kind of cartoon would generate a lot o angry among the islam people. It was lack of knowledge or common sense of the editor and the cartoonist. In other hand, the western people have the right to be the western way – specially when it comes to jokes! It was throught jokes that the west always express at most its freedom.In any case, the islam faith should not be directly a general western subject and would not be if US didn’t start all this mess (that didn’t start with 9/11, but many many decades before).Yep…That’s a very tough issue, this cartoon thing. At least it answer the question. By being so complicated, they should choose other cartoon to that day and leave Ala alone.I think this way.

  2. Zohguy,It probably was obvious to the Danes, but I think fear of Muslim anger is part of why they published the cartoons – i.e., before the fear overwhelmed Western values of free speech. Theo Van Gogh, and members of EU parliaments requiring bodyguards, would not be far from anyone’s mind.I have to admit that until the reactions these several months later, I’d never thought about it. The cartoons certainly had not come to my attention prior to the boycott and the demonstrations.If I had thought about it, I would have come down in favor of free speech in any case. Now it’s become a question of the delayed reaction and whether the West will defend a core value. Should the whole thing have been confined to Denmark, for them to work out?I can say that I was surprised at the number of people, which could simply be how the press covered it, bearing signs threatening death. You might say this piqued my interest.The “mess” indeed started long ago – we could go back centuries – but that doesn’t change the reality of 9/11. The “trouble” with Germany and Japan started long before 1944 and it was certainly bin Ladin’s intent to start the current war.You may or may not find another post I did today to be useful in understanding at least one American, but perhaps… any case, you’re right, this is not an easy problem.Thank you for your comment.