Lesbians with anthrax coated gloves

Amy Ridenour deposes a barking moonbat. She is “civilizing the world, one person at a time”, by “Following a practice I follow once in a while”.

Amy, better you than me, but please follow this practice more often. Much is revealed about what the “reality-based” community considers to be rational discourse. And it is funny as hell. 8D

Here are obvious conclusions about Mr. Jamie Borden’s thought processes:

1- Ideas are better advanced by scatological and sexual orientation insults than by reason.
2- It is OK to use your employer’s email resources to suggest highly risky lesbian sexual activities to females you’ve never met.
3- You should ignore the fact that you are writing things that would attract a discrimination action if said to fellow employees, or if some anthrax-immune lesbian network administrator happened to accidentally read your email. Or CSIS saw it. I suspect “anthrax” is still a keyword. ;)
4- A result of premises 1 & 2 & 3 – Lesbians are bad people who should die horribly.
5- Assume anonymity in above activities. But see 3.

My conclusions? 1-Unintelligent. 2-Underworked. 3-Unreliable. 4-Unenlightened. 5-Unemployed?

One can only hope Mr. Borden is not designing any of the potentially dangerous bits in those gas turbines his employer produces.