Islamofeminist update

This isn’t new, but I just found it.

Straight from the horse’s orifice (via Camera/Iraq).

Though it’s hard to believe – BBC reference here, Asia Times, here, Google cache here (the actual page keeps timing out).

You just can’t make this stuff up

“A new web magazine has been launched in order to promote Jihad (Islamic “holy war”) among Arab women. The magazine, published by an organization called “The Women’s Media Bureau in the Arabian Peninsula” seeks to “show women how to reconcile the apparent contradiction of fighting jihad while maintaining family life,” according to a BBC expose.

The publication, called Al-Khansa, is named after an early Islamic poetess who wrote eulogies for Muslims who died while fighting the “infidels” – and claims the former leader of al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, Abd-al-Aziz al-Muqrin was one of its founders.

Al-Muqrin was killed by Saudi security forces earlier this year. The web site also gives advice on raising children to carry on the Jihad, how to provide first aid for a family member injured in combat and descriptions of physical training women need to prepare themselves for fighting. It even includes advice as to how the “jihadettes” can keep their man happy.

The main goal of the magazine seems to be teaching women married to Islamists how to support their husbands in their violent war against the non-Muslim world. One of its first articles reads: ‘The blood of our husbands and the body parts of our children are our sacrificial offering.'”
[Northeast Intelligence Network for August 27, 2003]

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