INH syndrome

I need to be very clear here about the narrowness of the argument I am about to present. Delusional and self-destructive behavior may take many forms, and there are many detail differences among the groups discussed.

I certainly do not want to provoke further outrage among Muslim fundamentalists by comparing them broadly to Democrats or to the Washington Press Corps. For one example of difference, agree with them or not, extremist Muslims are principled.

Still, these Islamofascists certainly share the gift of incendiary narcissistic hysteria (INH) with the Democrats and with the Press.

These three groups share a self-absorption so sublimely complete that they cannot recognize it when their metatarsals are taking friendly fire.

Fresh off the Alito “filibuster” and “killing” the Patriot Act, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have been kind enough to tell us that Hurricane Katrina, Valerie Plame, Iraqi WMD, NSA wiretaps of terrorists and the failure to find a cure for cancer (I made the last one up), are of a piece with the story of Dick Cheney’s hunting accident. The Democrats are either serious about this or they are unserious… Who can tell?

The White House Press have been rabid to the point of parody, which is saying something, because they weren’t the very first, after Mr. Whittington, to be informed. They are serious about nothing more than their own privilege and status, and voting Democrat.

The militant Islamists understand why a politician might shoot a lawyer; but they are still boycotting insulin, accidentally killing each other with intentional firearm discharges and burning Ronald McDonald statues because of some cartoons they’ve never seen, at least in the Western press. They are serious about replacing Western mores with their own.

They all look ridiculous because they haven’t the slightest idea of the meaning of the word “excess.” Furthermore, they don’t care – as long as they can feel better by threatening everyone else with feeling worse.