In which Professor Dershowitz surprises

If you had asked me this question – “If you and Alan Dershowitz both live until the heat death of the universe, will you ever be able to agree even on the meaning of the word “is”?” – I would have said no.

Note the time and date. Professor Dershowitz forges way ahead of entropy.

All Praise Prof. Alan Dershowitz
By Tony Blankley

In which the professor is described examining some interesting questions with an apparently open mind. Mind you, these questions are not comfortable to contemplate. All the more credit to Dershowitz. Peter Singer, he is not.

Coup against Summers a dubious victory for the politically correct
By Alan M. Dershowitz

I have previously noted the shabby hard-left treatment of Dr. Summers and related Feminist foibles. … You know, with the sole exception of the Hillary-screech-of-doom tone in which they denounce everything, they’ve devolved almost to the point of being cute.

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