É, si muove!

At the age of 70, Galileo was condemned by The Italian Inquisition and forced, on his knees, to recant all of his proofs that the planets moved around the sun.

The title of this post is what Galileo said as he stood up. It translates as “Still, it moves!”

At issue was a fundamental article of Catholic dogma, that God moves the spheres of the heavens about the earth.

I chose that title because I’m writing about the fundamental dogma of a certain set of modern American Christians who are stuck on stupid in the 17th century.

If you can bear to examine the sewage that these people bathe in, compare and contrast it with the words we hear from the Islamofascists.

Families Seek Legislative Remedies From Funeral Protesters
Monday, February 13, 2006
By Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

It was a typical scenario for the Westboro Baptist Church — another demonstration outside the funeral of a soldier killed in Iraq. This time the venue was Meadowood Baptist Church in Midwest City, Okla., noted a full rundown of the event recorded later by church members on their Web site.

The signs held by members that Feb. 2 were dutifully noted on the church’s web-journal: “Steve held ‘Thank God for Dead Soldiers,’ ‘You’re Going to Hell’ and ‘Fags Doom Nations’ while Shirl held ‘America is Doomed,’ ‘God is America’s Terror’ and ‘Don’t Worship the Dead’ with a flag tied around her waist.”

The Kansas-based church, which believes God is punishing America for its tolerance of homosexuality by sending home U.S. soldiers “in body bags,” chose as one of its most recent demonstration sites the funeral of Army Staff Sgt. Lance Chase, 32, father of two sons, who died from a roadside bomb while on duty in Iraq on Jan. 23. On Sunday, Westboro’s adherents traveled to Yankton, S.D., to the memorial service for 21-year-old Army National Guard Spc. Allen D. Kokesh, Jr. … more

I followed the link in that Fox News story, and found that it has currently been redirected to a Microsoft site. This deflection may simply be an attempt to divert massive traffic, though if I were Microsoft I’d be suing, because when you look for Westboro Baptist Church on Google you’re given links like these:


That’s right, this church owns the “godhatesfags” domain name, and they invite you to explore it for as long as you can keep your supper down. It more than lives up to its URL. I did do a “whois” search against the possibility that this name and ownership are somehow faked. It was inconclusive, but the site itself is highly credible as the site of the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) of Topeka, Kansas.

This is as fine a bunch of faggot haters as you’ll find outside Tehran. These folks justify the use of the word “Taliban” to describe Americans.

You probably haven’t heard much about them yet. But you will, because they are going to keep showing up at the funerals of American soldiers who have died in Iraq. The reason these men and women died, you see, is because God hates America’s gays. And the Westboro Baptist congregation is determined to let the grieving families know that.

This is an insult to Christianity and to America.

Interested in what free speech means when exercised by true American bigots? Want to find the source for the cartoons Islamofascists should not only publish, but that they already agree with? Godhatesfags.com is your answer.

If you make allowances for hierarchy, the spelling of the name of a quasi-deity or two, and a few minor dietary restrictions and doctrinal impedimenta; these people want the same world the Inquisition wanted 400 years ago – and same world the Islamofascists want today.

This is an example of where free speech needs to be constrained. If we can pass laws restricting demonstrators at abortion clinics, and if we can pass traffic laws restricting interference with funeral processions, then I think we can keep these cretins at bay for the duration of an interment.

If they were actually serious about this they’d instead be showing up at the funeral of every person who died of HIV, and if they had done that you would have heard of them. It would probably be prosecuted as a “hate” crime.

Let them spew their hate, but no First Amendment purpose is served by allowing them to inject their vile publicity hunting into the private pain of the family of someone who gave their life to defend the right to inflict it.