Dime? Not one cent!

Major political contributors to George W. Bush who have never given a dime to prospective 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain received letters, dated Feb. 8, asking for donations to the senator’s Straight Talk America political action committee.

Obviously using President Bush’s direct mail list, the letter signed by McCain asks for $1,000 or $1,500 to support candidates agreeing with McCain on “key issues.” It specifically lists “limiting federal spending, immigration reform, military readiness, global climate change, Social Security reform, reining-in lobbyists, reducing the power of the special interests and putting an end to wasteful pork barrel spending by Congress.”

Each recipient received a card to be filled in for McCain’s files. “I’m asking you to update your file card,” requests the letter, though the Bush contributors had no previous card in the senator’s files.

I hope I get a solicitation to contribute to John McCain’s presidential bid. If the article is accurate I won’t, because I have never contributed any money to George Bush, though I have voted for him.

Still, I would like to be able to reply:

“You, Senator McCain, will not get one dime, and you definitely will not get my vote, until you recant on Campaign Finance Reform and abandon your attempt to bypass Constitutional requirements for agreements with foreign governments by advocating domestic legislation designed to emulate the Kyoto treaty. These are not my only problems with your candidacy, but they are sufficient.

In the first instance, you’ve severely damaged the First Amendment. What will happen in the first election cycle where a Muslim candidate’s platform is Sharia in America, and you’ve stopped anyone from discussing it – except the PNB (parochial narcissist buffoon) media – who are even now declining to challenge rioting Islamofascists on an issue of free conscience?

You have demonstrated personal courage, why would you hand the sole power of political speech over to these wimps during an election?

In the second instance, the Senate has already rejected Kyoto by a vote of 95-0. You must know that, fully implemented (a joke among the signatories), it will have no discernable beneficial environmental effect, while its cost will not only significantly damage the US economy, but thereby preclude the flexibility we will need if any of the global-warming alarmists’ predictions are within 10% of reality.

Both these positions are motivated by your own fascination with “John McCain, World Hero.” Give it up. You’re wrong about that in general. Being wildly wrong on a couple of populist issues isn’t an improvement.

Ask yourself, WWBGD?”

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