I’m glad Al Gore is not our President. Bill and Hillary’s buddy just gets scarier every minute.

Not long ago, face crimson, neck veins distended, sweat pouring through his suit and spittle flying between his pounding fists – he was literally screaming that “Bush betrayed us!”

Now he delivers a speech, in enemy territory, where he tells lies damaging to his country. And there is no doubt he lied.

He makes this lying speech in a country where he’d be beaten for the public lip-lock he laid on Tipper at the Democrat convention, and where she’d be beaten more severely and then subject to arrest for not covering her head.

He attends this conference despite the fact our allies on the field of battle, the Danes, were uninvited because they stood up for free speech.

The conference organizers are a bunch of misogynist, homophobic, church-and-state-are-one thugs who’ve contributed to huge Hallibuton profits and enabled “global warming” via extraction of massive amounts of crude oil.

They finance madrassas in the United States – Islamic schools dedicated to the eventual imposition of sharia law on Americans.

All of this is anathema to him if he’s speaking in the US.

If you hold a former Vice-President of the United States to a reasonable standard, this $250,000 speaking engagement was not betrayal. It was treason.

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