UN "disappears" Israel

An example of why you should make periodic visits to Eye on the UN. Then you’ll know what is being done with your money.

The implementation of existing Congressional riders on US-UN funding should be extended. It isn’t enough to withhold US contributions to the UN for the amount the UN General Assembly claims is spent on the Committee on the Inalienable Rights for the Palestinian People. For example, last month the Committee booked the UN’s Dag Hammerskjöld theater for three days running to screen a film which promotes a one-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and attempts to convey the prevalence of Jewish racism. In the words of one interviewee, “All Jews seem to care about is work and money.” Why use U.S. dollars to pay for operating the theater, or the employee running the videotape, or the advertisement for the film in the UN daily journal? Or how about those exorbitant renovation costs for UN Headquarters housing the Division for Palestinian Rights? UN officials’ explanation that they are merely “providing information” on anti-Israel (and often anti-American) activities cannot be allowed to obscure a global propaganda campaign of staggering proportions that is centered at the UN. The excuse that the UN Secretariat is “simply doing its job” ought to ring alarm bells for forensic accountants (and democratic societies) everywhere.

Israel is a member state of the United Nations, but that does not prevent the UN from agreeing with Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that it should be wiped off the earth – even if that requires ignoring the UN’s own resolution of November 29, 1947.

Given the waste, corruption, venality, racism, incompetence, moral turpitude and blatant anti-Americanism that the UN displays daily, I am amazed that even one American still supports it. More amazing; those Americans who do support it grant it moral superiority and many of them see it as a nascent World Government.

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