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If, 40 years ago, the right had to distance itself from its supposed fealty to the John Birch Society in order to eventually gain electoral credence, when will the left recognize that it must distance itself from the Daily Kos, and democraticunderground for the same reasons?

The Daily Kos showcases far more extreme views than did “John Birch”, yet the Dem leadership marches in lockstep to its rantings. John Kerry has posted there.

When winning primary elections ensures you can’t win general elections it is time to re-group and re-think; not time to filibuster-for-finances.

Update: 6:35PM, 30-Jan-2006
Stuck in the ’70s
By Michael Barone
at RealClearPolitics

Update: 6:35PM, 30-Jan-2006
Stuck on 1968
By Arnold Kling
at TCSDaily

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