Death to all things real

At its heart the radical left’s assault on “globalization” is denial of economic reality in a increasingly free world. Turns out economics is not the only thing real they don’t like.

Last week The University of Michigan became the 10th U.S. university to boycott Coca Cola products for political reasons.

Michigan’s decision was prompted by a complaint last year from Students Organizing for Labor and Economic Equality.

The student group accused Coke of draining local groundwater in India and conspiring with paramilitary groups in Colombia to harass and harm union members. The company has repeatedly denied the allegations.

The university, which has more than 50,000 students, decided not to renew its contracts when Coke said it was unable to meet a Dec. 31 deadline to cooperate in an investigation of circumstances in Colombia. The university and several other colleges had offered to fund the investigation.

Noteworthy is the source of the complaint, Student’s Organizing for Labor Equlity. They could hardly have picked a more honest or a more left-sounding name without including the word “People’s”. It is a self-admitted shill for unions and they are to be commended for their openness.

Also of note, if you live in Michigan, is that the University was willing to use your money to conduct an investigation of The Coca Cola Company’s alledged crimes. Was that what the legislature had in mind when they debated how much to increase your support for “education” last year?