Gunfire at Toronto’s Eaton Centre? One dead?

The only question I have is whether the shooters are listed on the Liberal staff rolls as campaign workers.

Well, actually I have one more. Is the penalty for possession of an unregistered handgun higher or lower than that for murder?

Update 5:53PM 26-Dec-2005
from Lost Budgie BlogToronto Boxing Day Shootings – Wimp Politicians & Police Leadership Eunuchs.

For those who don’t know Toronto or The Eaton Centre, it is a huge upscale shopping center on Toronto’s main N-S street. In downtown Detroit you might think the Ren Cen, or Hudson’s 30 years ago.

It is amazing the gangs in Toronto are so brazen, but then I did not know off-duty police officers weren’t allowed to carry. How asinine is that?

One answer would be: Not asinine enough for the Grits.