Canadian Election

I have not been passing on news about the Canadian election since this is being well handled by a number of excellent Canadian blogs. Nonetheless, Americans should be aware of the goings on North of 49 if only, as I’ve stated many times, to learn how not to run a country.

From banning handguns to electoral finance shenanigans to stock market manipulation to a level of corruption not seen outside the United Nations; Canada has it all.
On Friday, we were treated to the spectacle of Bill Clinton pulling a Jimmy Carter by calling the US refusal to ratify Kyoto “plain wrong” in Montreal before a gathering of UN climate control alarmists.

Prime Minister Martin was there to bask in Slick Willie’s glory – continuing a proud tradition of anti-Americanism, especially during elections. Private citizen Clinton failed to mention that he never presented the treaty for Senate ratification because the Senate had already voted 95-0 to reject it.

Clinton spoke on behalf of the William J. Clinton Foundation. There’s no mention I can find of what he was paid for this, or what donations he received.

Canada, BTW, has utterly failed to meet its Kyoto targets (24% increase from 1990 baseline). The US has acheived a lower (18%) rate of increase with a small drop between 2000 and 2003.

Please visit the “Canadian Content” blog roll links, especially Small Dead Animals, Angry in the Great White North, Canada’s John Galt, Dust my Broom, Strong World, NealeNews, and Captain’s Quarters (the US blog that broke the Gomery story) to keep abreast of this election.

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  1. Hershblogger, Thanks for the link. You’ve included me with some very fine Canadian bloggers, that’s much appreciated.Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are running a strong campaign and have been setting the agenda with some new ideas that are appealing to Canadians. Jan 23rd will tell the tale.Great blog, BTW.