Caliphates and CO2

There’s quite a bit I’ve read today which should be general knowledge, so this post covers two topics in case you’ve not seen those items.

First, Debbie Schlussel has a must read article which goes a long way toward explaining why Sami Al-Arian is in the process of escaping from charges of aiding and abetting Islamofascist terror (see and hear the Professor in action) from his position as a Professor at the University of South Florida.

Why? Because our Justice Department, while desperate for victories, is really not serious about the War on Terror. In fact, more important to Gonzalez and Company (and before that, Ashcroft and Company) is outreach to radical Islamic individuals and groups that support terrorists like Al-Arian and prosecution of anything they perceive as “hate crimes” against those Muslims.

This is of a piece with “PC Norm” Mineta’s insistence on cavity searches of 80-year old, wheelchair bound females-of-pallor at a rate equal to pat-downs of swarthy 25 year old males, travelling on Jordanian passports, issued in the name of Zarqawi, and carrying Korans bookmarked everywhere the killing of infidels is mandated.

Its of a piece with the President inviting CAIR to the White House and speaking of a “War on Terror” instead of a “War on Islamofascists.” It’s of a piece with FBI field agents being denied permission to examine the computer of 20th 9-11 highjacker Zacarias Mousssaoui just weeks before the WTC towers were destroyed and his resulting civil trial.

The second topic is the death rattle of the Kyoto Protocols, currently being highlighted at Amy Ridenour’s National Center here, here, here, here and here.

Don’t miss Tech Central Station’s comments either. Here, here, and here.

Also, the always instructive and entertaining Mark Steyn.

These seemingly disparate items are, in fact, connected by irrational anti-Americanism. The supporters of Professor Al-Arian probably had a hard time deciding to forgo the chance to protest the evil of the United States vis-a-vis Kyoto, where the object is to severely damage Western economies. The Greenpeace enthusiasts were likely disappointed they could not support the more direct actions, bombing civilian commercial centers and such, being promoted by Al-Arian.

Restoration of a 14th century Caliphate would definitely reduce carbon emissions.