Soap Operatics

I’ve never seen ER, but I know the agenda.

It’s apparent in fiction such as West Wing, Commander in Chief, Medicine Woman reruns, and the NBC Evening News. I know about these mind-suckers because my wife watched, or watches, all but the last.

In her defense I’ll say this, unlike most people she actually seems to be able separate the statist propaganda on TV soap opera from the travesty of the Liberal MSM. Further, I knew her need for external stimulation was high when I married her. Arguments about rewarding bastards like Donald Sutherland by watching them on TV are futile. She can ignore their politics, I can’t..

Back to ER. November 3rd’s episode contained this dinner table blessing (TOTH to Neale News ):

“Thank you, Lord, for the blessings we are about to receive. Look over those now who cannot be with us, including the countrymen who fight to protect us in an overseas war founded on lies told to us by our government.”

Liberal media? They disgorge, you decide.