La rue Arabe

TOTH to Paladin.

Now that the Arab street has finally erupted on the Champs-Elysee, the French cannot even form a coalition within their own government to deal with it.

Daniel Pipes – Reflections on the Revolution in France.

[The] issues include a decline of Christian faith and the attendant demographic collapse; a cradle-to-grave welfare system that lures immigrants even as it saps long-term economic viability; an alienation from historic customs in favor of lifestyle experimentation and vapid multiculturalism; an inability to control borders or assimilate immigrants; a pattern of criminality that finds European cities far more violent than American ones, and a surge in Islam and radical Islam.

One might be disturbed by the similarity of Pipes description of France to the path leftwing statists in this country urge us to follow. It is possible to trip over the comparison of violence in European cities to violence in American cities, but on closer examination that follows, too. Compare American cities.

What is the condition of the core of the Liberal cities in America? Take, for example, the most Liberal city in America. Detroit’s condition is a result of the same misdirected social engineering practiced nationwide by the French.

This is a country which rails against anglicization of the French language and resents American culture while paradoxically abandoning the defense of its own.

Wreck a McDonald’s? $Thousands.
Trade blood for oil with Saddam? $Millions.
Defend themselves? Impayable.

Lafayette, we are in Iraq.