Is Paris Burning?

Yes, and here’s how Equal Opportunities Minister*, Azouz Begag, and other social activists would pour oil on the waters:

“it is in fighting the discrimination that victimizes youths that order is re-established, the order of equality,” [requires a] “massive investment plan” to cure suburban ills”

Where have I heard this before? Welcome to the application of multi-culti social welfare to the indigent jihad.

The article uses the word “muslim” only once in a vague demographic throwaway, though religion is clearly the excuse for the riots, and the oft mentioned “youths” are overwhelmingly of that religion.

Two muslim teenagers died from electrocution and a third was seriously injured, when they climbed into an electrical sub-station to avoid police they thought were chasing them. From this we get 5 days, and counting, of rioting.

The good news is that the riots have forced French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, protector of Saddam Hussein and hero of thwarting UN resolution 1441, to cancel a trip to Canada.

Now he has to be thinking about forming a coalition to invade suburban Paris.

*Trademark, George Orwell, 1984 – or it should be.