"he concluded it was constitutional"

Cathy Young is a frequent contributor to Reason magazine, which I recommend.

Describing her as a libertarian feminist would be inaccurate and unfair because of the baggage the word “feminist” justly carries.

Here she puts together the perfect description of what SCOTUS judges are paid to do:

Just because Alito voted to uphold this law [in Planned Parenthood v. Casey] doesn’t necessarily mean he agreed with it, only that he concluded it was constitutional

No one has ever been able to say anything remotely similar about Ruth Bader Ginsburg – even Ralph Neas, Kim Gandy or Ted Kennedy. Not that they wouldn’t lie; the thought would just never occur. They believe the Constitution requires that we allow 14 year old females to get an abortion without parental notification.

Ms. Young also describes the issue of spousal notification regarding abortion in a reasoned way:

When a man and a woman enter a potentially procreative relationship, they surrender part of their autonomy. Men certainly do: While a woman can choose abortion, a man has no choice to opt out of parenthood after conception. (It’s also worth noting that while spousal consent for vasectomies is not mandated legally, it is required by many doctors).

Women, at the very least, have the moral obligation to include their partner in any decision regarding pregnancy, barring special circumstances such as abuse. It will be unfortunate if the attacks on Alito’s ruling send the opposite message by suggesting that making a unilateral decision on this issue is a matter of female autonomy

Italics mine. Young’s genius here is pinpointing that what the Feminists would have us respect as autonomy is, instead, an agenda of moral failure and an abuse of women by women.