Gutless Obtuse Party

How many Republicans does it take to keep a light bulb screwed in?

One answer is: More than 55.

Another is: Before I answer, what’s the definition of “Republican?”

The Senate has just passed a GOP sponsored bill demanding that the President report to them every 90 days on progress in Iraq.

He should tell them all to fuck off. “We’re not interested in repeating the mistakes of Viet Nam, so we are not going to cave-in to geriatric reprobates like Teddy Kennedy, or flip-floppers like that jerk, Kerry. We are not going to tie our troops’ hands. We are especially not going to leave the Iraqis in the same pickle my father did, nor practice betrayal like Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon did on the Vietnamese. I’ve been telling you this for some time. You want a report? Here it is: You’re a bunch of fools who are damaging the war effort and America’s credibility by playing into the hands of our enemies for political gain. What part of “Don’t get stuck on stupid!” didn’t penetrate your sorry excuse for brains?”

Of course, George Bush invited this by waiting weeks to point out that the Democrats have been lying hypocrites while conducting the most recent “Bush lied” Revival and Snake Oil Show.

Tony Blankley nails it, here.

Genetic analysis of GOP Senators will reveal they do not belong to Phylum Chordata. One candidate for an exact DNA match would be Class Pogonophora: gutless deep sea worms.