The Unconscious of a "Conservative"

I can only hope Amy Ridenour’s 13-Oct post A President Named Bush comes to pass, but I am not hopeful.

I’m looking at the GOP and thinking – “Hmmm, they might well nominate John McCain. He might be facing Hillary Clinton.”

Given these facts – and the fact that I am only voting GOP because of the war – the following occurs:
Hillary will be no worse than McCain domestically (the GOP doesn’t care about deficits, pork, or entitlements and they want big-government), and Hillary will probably need to prosecute the war more vigorously than the war hero McCain (if she wants 2 terms she can’t be soft on this in her 1st term).

Therefore, she might get my vote. ;-(

Goldwater Libertarians may yet rise up and bite the GOP where they richly deserve it.