Quebecois Separatist has a Point

The Armed Forces of an Independent Quebec

Bloc Quebecois leader Duceppe bets army proposal will help separatist cause

“Why would it be ridiculous that Quebec has an army?” [Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles] Duceppe said at a news conference.

Let’s see; Because it would be a tiny fraction of Canada’s underfunded, undermanned army? Because no French speaking army has been credible since Waterloo? Because the acceleration of socialism would be economically crippling?

“It doesn’t mean that you’re going to war because you have an army,”

He has this part right. We would not expect an invasion of New York; whose largest city’s police force is as large as Canada’s current Armed Force.

Notwithstanding, Mr. Duceppe has a point. If you want sovereignty, you’ll need to defend it. The United States would still provide strategic defense for an independent Quebec, but if the spawning ground of Canadian anti-Americanism expects any more than that, I’m afraid they’ll be disappointed. As to future relations, Quebec separatists have no reputation for wise silence.

A Credible Independence

Independent Alberta, on the other hand, could not only afford a credible defense force, it would attract far more sympathy from the United States. I am not alone in being willing to move to an independent Alberta, intent on keeping it independent.

Many Canadians feel similarly: No stopping exodus to Alberta. Escaping a 15% sales taxe is the Canadian version of the Boston Tea Party – carefully practicing good order, but ultimately saying “No!” to confiscation within confederation.

Among other things, there is no provincial sales tax in Alberta, a huge break when compared with the 15% HST Atlantic Canadians pay on everything, from their soaring power bills to candy.

Sadly, many Albertans equate separation from Canada with joining the United States. The Republic of Alberta could easily afford to defend itself, minus the subsidies it pays to Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. Alberta should take this hint from Quebec: Stop thinking about joining the US as part of separation.

Quebec doesn’t wimp around this way, and they have neither the economic clout, nor the tradition of individual initiative to make their posturing plausible.

Repeat after me: Republic of Alberta. Republic of Alberta. Maybe Atlas Shrugged should be required reading for Albertan high schoolers.

Finally, here’s a late breaking bit, Liberals plan Gomery defence, on why independence is justified – before Ottawa’s already well established invasion of Alberta loots her dry in Quebec’s favor. Or Albertans can just enlist in the Bloc’s not so Grand Armée.

Speaking of petty corruption and Federal theft, don’t even ask about Abotech.