Dr. Morgenthaler, call your office

Virginia Postrel compares free scientific inquiry as practiced in the US and Canada.

The results are not what you probably think. The last 5 words of this quote will point you in the right direction, since their relationship to freedom of any sort is inverse.

These intellectual influences [feminism and egalitarianism] are stronger in Europe (and Canada) than in the U.S. But two equally threatening ideas do crop up frequently among mainstream Democrats: that commerce taints medicine (those evil drug companies!) and that any activity that has social consequences ought to be centrally regulated.

Emphasis mine. Article here.

Update: 5:11PM, 4-Oct-05.
More proof that Atlas Shrugged wasn’t fiction (as Mitch noted on Monday):

Life Imitates Fiction at Amtrak

S.F. mayor sees wireless service as basic right

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