She Just Wants to Ask About Her Son

Cindy Sheehan’s spiral into obscurity is not going to be arrested by this sort of moonbattery, which being noted all over the blogosphere, but just in case you haven’t heard, she’s calling for pulling troops out of “occupied” New Orleans.

I kid you not. What might she have written if Bush had ignored Posse Comitatus?

I don’t care if a human being is black, brown, white, yellow or pink. I
don’t care if a human being is Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, or
pagan. I don’t care what flag a person salutes: if a human being is
hungry, then it is up to another human being to feed him/her. George
Bush needs to stop talking, admit the mistakes of his all around failed
administration, pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans and Iraq,
and excuse his self from power. The only way America will become more
secure is if we have a new administration that cares about Americans
even if they don’t fall into the top two percent of the wealthiest.

This is on Michael Moore’s site and at HuffnPuff Post. I’ll give you Moore’s link if you’re willing to punish yourself with the whole confused diatribe. I can’t believe he published this, since he isn’t stupid, so if the post comes down I’ve got a copy.

Poor Casey, his mom is perilously close to spawning an unflattering new verb. To “sheehan” something begs for a definition.

My first thoughts are too unkind to even this sorry pretense of grieving motherhood.