If this Weren’t Sad it Still Wouldn’t be Funny

Canada’s military capabilities have been a laughingstock for some time. Not the dedication and talent of the thin-Mapleleaf-line*, but the equipment they’re given and the implied disrespect.

If it weren’t for the fact that we share a long, porous border this would only be sad. As we find the real world, it is not funny.

It is perhaps, more dangerous to US security than to Canada’s. So, how much of the defense, sorry… defence, of Canada does the US need to take on?

Angry in the Great White North supplies some details about how politically hamstrung and stupidly underfunded are the Canadian armed forces.

If the Canadian military is going to be hung out to dry, why is there even any debate about spending a billion in maintenance vs. spending a billion in upgrades?

Why spend anything? That would be a question an honest Grit would ask. If there are any.

*Come to think of it, this decline started just about the time the flag changed from the Canadian Red Ensign…

to the current (Not my words. I was there for the debate and I know Canadians felt this way.) bread-wrapper.