Waist Deep in the Big Muddy

…and the damn fools said; “Move On!”

Liberals drop public Sheehan role

The disgusting, neo-Nazi, moonbat and Stalinist Sheehanoia support groups fear they have “muddied” her message?

Sorry. They aren’t climbing off Cindy’s back because we didn’t get “her” message, or that we were unclear about it. It’s the clarity they’ve found to be the problem.

It isn’t that they muddied her message, it’s that they took it over; it’s that they made her grief into an unsustainable public spectacle; it’s about the too public effects of the agitprop they fed her; it’s about the fact they were caught changing a mother’s grief into their own brand of Bush hatred and, mostly, it is because it isn’t working.

If Cindy hadn’t become perceived as a MoveOn Moonie, MoveOn wouldn’t stop the ad campaign. They don’t give a rat’s ass about anything except damaging George Bush. If that promotes ad hominem attacks over policy discourse, so what? Bushitler should be impeached! Then we’ll talk about our surrender in Afghanistan and Iraq.

If you believe “the protesters will no longer receive strategic and political advice from Fenton Communications, a large, left-wing public-relations firm”, please realize that that means only that there will be no more trackable finances. Fenton, et. al., will be giving “pro bono” support even as Mintwood Media Collective, picks up the “down home, grass roots” flavors of Ben & Jerry’s.

I guess that means dropping calling the past 250 years of US history “evil”, and it means no longer associating with Cindy when she repeats their mantra about other mothers of soldiers who’ve died defending their country as ‘brainwashed’ supporters of ‘murder and mayhem’.

Cindy is damaged goods. They did it. They know it.

They even tell us what a joke this change is:

Organizers of the bus tour expressed hope that they might continue to receive financial donations from powerful liberal advocacy groups such as MoveOn and TrueMajority, which was founded by Ben & Jerry’s ice cream magnate Ben Cohen. But they are focused on soliciting contributions from people who oppose the Iraq war.

“We’re renting the buses; we’re collecting the funding to make it all possible, so this is a grass-roots effort,” said organizer Nancy Lessin of Military Families Speak Out, one of four groups paying for the bus tour.

The other groups sponsoring the trip are Gold Star Families for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace.

Organizers said they would continue to receive support from high-profile groups such as Code Pink, a women’s group that holds weekly war protests outside Walter Reed Army Hospital. Code Pink protesters brandish signs with such messages as “Maimed for Lies” and “Enlist here and die for Halliburton.”
Link to Discover the Network mine. Check the rest of the above groups there yourself.

Too late folks, Cindy’s cover is blown. Now you need Joe Wilson.

Update: 6:52PM See also this post at Q&O for an anti-war reporter’s view of Camp Cindy and its denizens. Good reporting.

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