The Republic of Alberta

The National Post notes a poll of Western Canadians wherein:

35% of Westerners think splitting from Canada should be explored [and a]nother 40.4% say that if the Liberal party wins the next election they will be more in favour of exploring independence.

All I can say is; “Go, Grits!”

I’m checking out property in Alberta.

2 thoughts on “The Republic of Alberta”

  1. Re: I’m checking on property in Alberta. . .Please consider that exercising liberty is impractical when you can’t get out your front door because of the 12 foot drift. So is it better to be free in theory 12 months a year, in reality five months a year, or to be relatively free all the time in our home state?:-)JPM

  2. First, let us not pretend Michigan’s U.P., Idaho, North Dakota, Montana or Buffalo NY and its surrounds, are free from such calamity.Second, in my experience an International 414 diesel tractor with a 6 foot dual stage blower is sufficient unto the task of drifts up to 10 feet, of which I saw 1 in 22 years in Southern Ontario’s worst winter micro-climate. It wasn’t breathing hard, so I suspect an additonal 2 feet to present minor additional difficulty. Should I be mistaken on this point, I’m sure my neighbors with snowmobiles will make beer runs as necessary. I can receive the cases through my second floor windows.With the prospect of tax-free diesel fuel from local resources at a nickel a gallon, I will not overly worry about clearing the snow. The cross country skiing can be a bit more arduous than normal, especially if you are in the lead. But following the wisdom of migrating Canadian geese – switching off the lead – mitigates that problem nicely enough. Just don’t step off your skis.In addition, the prospect of 12 foot drifts is a discouragement to people from the San Francisco area moving into your locale.Finally, the drift problem is far more tractable than correcting several billion in pork spending on a “highway bill.” Didn’t Thomas Jefferson say that the tree of Liberty must be dusted from time to time with the snows of ptarmigans?I’ll keep the light on for you. 8-}Hershblogger