Pollyanna Preposterous?

Canada generally happy with health care, but out of touch with world: survey

Liberals maintain lead over Tories

The health care sucks and the Liberals are a literally a bunch of criminals. See this and this.

Canadians must be the most self-deluded, or self-effacing, people in the world. How else to explain any visible optimism?

I wonder if this alternate reality would be possible if Canada wasn’t a neighbor of the US?

You know, it’s like your 36 year old son still living with you. American welfare to Canada is actually damaging them twice.

1- No responsibility for being an adult is required – the US miltary will protect us in any event.
2- An artificial bogey-man against which to be morally superior – the US military is evil and US health care is inhuman.

This is at least a consistent explanation for why Prozac sales per-capita aren’t reaching unity in Canada. Any takers on where it’s wrong?

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