Ooo la, la, those Quebecois Federalists.

Actually not, since Quebec still hasn’t signed the Canadian Constitution, despite that document’s concessions, for example, to PQ control of immigration and language.

Readers who do not know about this should be advised that Quebec requires all immigrants to learn French at the expense of English – in an officially bilingual country. Now they’re trying to further control Western oil.

Similar issues are raging over the Iraq Constitution. Want to bet which country resolves them first?

TOTH to Small Dead Animals for this, National Energizing Western Separation Program:

…a Montreal accounting professor called on the federal government yesterday to nationalize the oil industry

Thanks to professor Leo-Paul Lauzon for giving us a very clear idea why any given Iraqi might reject such a perverted idea of Federalism. So should Albertans.

I have a very funny old cartoon about Canadian Constitutional negotiating competence somewhere. I’ll see if I can post it tomorrow.

I ask again: Where are the Alberta bumper stickers reading: “Let the Eastern Bastards Freeze in the Dark!”?