NCAA bans Indian mascots

The NCAA swings and misses, puts up an airball, punts on second down (first down in Canada), whiffs at the tee and misses an empty net.

The NCAA is concerned about the use of Amerind related sports team names and mascots.

The NCAA should be ashamed of their own timidity. They hardly scratch the surface of the mascot naming problem. Some Mascot examples.

If the NCAA will ask “How can we continue to have “Seminoles” and “Chippewas” as objects of pride and affection if some hyper-sensitivity-industry group is offended?”, how can they not consider the flora and fauna being insulted?

Where are the concerns of PETA represented? How can we continue to call large trees in California ‘Sequoias’? Where is the caring for industries dependent on latex?

What about the insults to “Artichokes”, “Silverswords”, “Banana Slugs”, “Gila Monsters”, “Wolverines” and “Broncos”?

How can persons of Greek extraction bend over to being called “Spartans”?

What can latex dependent industries do to discourage use of “Trojans” as a term of patriarchal power?

And how can the Irish condone the term “Fighting”, in an era where we know the “Global War on Terror” is itself subject to euphemization as the “Global Struggle Against Extremism”?

The NCAA obviously has nothing better to do. Its mandate to protect University athletes has become a farce – illustrated by this tempest in a jock strap.

At the very least the NCAA should be boycotted: “Millions for the Chippewas, but not one cent for tribute.”