Master Cpl. Arron Perry

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Top Canadian sniper quits in frustration

A Canadian Forces sniper who set a distance record by killing an al-Qaida fighter from more than two kilometres away has quit in frustration and may go into mercenary work.

Master Cpl. Arron Perry made national headlines twice in 2002: the first was anonymous, after he shot an al-Qaida fighter in Afghanistan from 2,430 metres, a world record.

The second was public and ugly. Perry, 33, and a 13-year veteran, was accused of discreditable conduct after he allegedly cut the finger off an al-Qaida corpse, defecated on another and then had his picture taken with a corpse that had a lit cigarette hanging from his lips and a sign around his neck reading “F**k Terrorism.”

The investigation was eventually dropped and no charges were ever laid, but Perry’s reputation was left in tatters.

A military ombudsman’s investigation was launched into whether Perry and other snipers, who were seconded to an American unit to provide cover fire and support, were unfairly treated after their return from Afghanistan.

Five of the snipers received the Bronze Star from the U.S. military for their efforts, which included killing about 20 members of al-Qaida. …

This blog recently asked: Where will the next Sergeant Ernest “Smokey” Smith come from?

The question goes unanswered, and may be becoming unanswerable.

Arron Perry would like to be an instructor. I think there is a place for him in the US military. I hope that happens and that he brings his “FT” picture with him.