Margot’s a Kidder

Onetime actress, former babe and recently lapsed Canadian Margot Kidder deserves to be granted the courage and purity of her convictions. She has taken up US citizenship in order to be able to protest the war in Iraq.

I, for one, thought Canada was doing a credible job of protest in this regard already.

Apparently, Ms. Kidder thinks she can do better. Is a loopy actress calling Bush a moron better than a loopy Cabinet Minister (say, Carolyn Parrish) doing the same thing?

I’m open to the possibility. As a newly minted American she might have more effect on US foreign policy and world harmony, in general, than has Canada since 1965. She probably has more money to spend on defense, for example.

We’ll assume she’s not motivated by the relative advantages of US citizenship – like lower taxes, better health care and generally more freedom (though with her history she can’t get a concealed carry permit in Michigan).

One can only say that she’s done weirder things than this.

You do have to wonder if she realizes that, from now on, the taxes she pays support the war she’s protesting.


It does strongly argue for immigration reform, though.