I have to ponder this….

Meeting the issue, by Cal Thomas.

There are many valid reasons President Bush should not meet again with Cindy Sheehan, the mother of Casey Sheehan, who was killed in Iraq.

…Here’s the reason he should meet with her, but not alone: Other relatives of dead and wounded soldiers and some of the soldiers themselves should be included. He might also invite a few Iraqis who support the effort to free a people long held in bondage by Saddam Hussein and who face new bondage under the totalitarian dictatorship of Islamofacism if this effort fails.

The president should hold the meeting in a public place. Let the criticism flow, but let Iraqi women tell their stories about rape and torture at the hands of Saddam’s now-dead sons. Allow Iraqi men to tell about life under Saddam and how grateful they are he is gone. Wounded soldiers and families of the dead would speak in support of the war effort. Members of Mrs. Sheehan’s own family could come. They posted a letter on the Drudge Web site in support of the president.

She asks a question of Bush, then someone else asks one of her. They get to tell their stories first, though. Only C-SPAN can cover it. All Rights Reserved. No edited sound bites for NPR interpretation.

There is one flaw. The ground rules of the meeting would be announced, and at this point it is not likely the meeting would ever take place. The anti-Semitic Bolsheviks for whom Cindy Sheehan is a cat’s-paw would refuse.