Your Point Would Be?

Iraqi insurgents ‘war criminals’

Well, if you are Amnesty International that’s big news.

The words “Gulag” and “Nazi” are conspicuous by their absence and Amnesty does get in a dig at the US:

It also stresses that the US and allies have themselves committed grave violations, including killings of civilians and torture of prisoners.

“But abuses committed by one side do not and cannot justify abuses by another,” the rights group says.

It makes me wonder what they would have said if the prisoners in the real Gulag had risen up en masse and killed their KGB guards by “borscht boarding”.

1 thought on “Your Point Would Be?”

  1. Oh, my, After reading that article I want to replace “Iraqi insurgent” with “Palestinian”…What is the difference? Will anyone in the Media ask this question?”What are the differences in the Iraqi insurgents and the Palestinian bombers?”Amnesty International has stepped in their own crap once again.