Travesty International Calls for Shut Down of North Korean Gulag

Well, not really.

Excerpt from World article:
North Korean propaganda film backfires with hungry audiences

SEOUL — A North Korean propaganda film about the repatriation of a spy — Lee In-Mo — who had languished for years in a South Korean prison may have a short shelf life, according to defectors now living in the South.

“What we could not believe in the movie was that Lee and others were conducting hunger strikes in the prison,” said one defector about the movie.

“Refusing to eat was a form of resistance in the South? Boy, South Korea must be a paradise. That’s what we said among ourselves”

…Many North Korean defectors said their first reaction upon seeing the film was to ask how people could stay in prison for more than 10 years and remain alive? They say few people survive even three years in North Korean political prisons. Being fed three regular meals a day is utterly unimaginable.

North Korean Stalinism provides an example of prisoner abuse deserving of some protest.

Not that we’re going to hear a peep from the ACLU, Travesty International or Dick Durbin. They are silent here because they share the DPRK‘s inability to distinguish inhumane treatment from reasonable precaution.

The DPRK is clueless that showing prisoners in another country having the luxury of a hunger strike reflects badly on your deadly prison system and your starving population.

Travesty International and its fellow travellers are clueless that they likewise destroy their credibility through rhetorical flourishes like “the Gulag of our times” used to describe a prison with excellent medical care – where the greatest health threat might be gaining too much weight.

The test of marketing savvy, not to mention intelligence, will be which stops first – the showing of the film or the whining about Gitmo?

My bet is on the DPRK.