Is "Insecure Narcissist" an Oxymoron…

…or can you drop the “oxy”?

Powerline shares The Other Club’s opinion regarding celebrity as described in my July 14th post; Guilty as Charged, wherein I commented on Victor Davis Hanson’s piece, Elegant nonsense.

Powerline’s comments here and here.

This quote from Roger Simon seems definitive:

Every movie star I have ever met or worked with deep down thinks to one degree or another that he or she is a fraud and that his or her life has been an accident – from having (often temporarily) a pretty face or from some mysterious charisma they themselves do not understand. The insecurity of the actor is one of those true clichés, and it reaches all the way to the top – to the highest star. By making the pronouncements they do, they are trying to convince the audience of their own seriousness and their own goodness (their own value). But most of all they are trying to convince themselves. Fragile egos, not inflated ones, are at work here