Invasive Species – Bureaucrats

Endangered Species – Property Owners

Perhaps you considered my comment on the Feds coming interest in your home grown tomatoes, based on the Commerce Clause justification for regulating medical marijauna, to be hyperbole.

Maybe you thought I was over the top in saying the 5th Amendment has been gutted by the Kelo decision on the “takings” clause.


Now the GOP is about to regulate your lawn. After all, your neighbors might not like tall fescue or dandelions. Thanks, but if I wanted to live under condominium association rules, I’d have bought one.

Let us hope this nascent totalitarian bullshit is extinguished before next July 4th.

Otherwise, we’ll need a new Declaration.

Anyone claiming to be a civil libertarian who is more concerned about the Patriot Act than the attack on property rights, needs to re-examine their thinking.

TOTH The National Center for Public Policy Research.